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Какой на ваше мнение самый лучший концерт Scorpions?
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Scorpions - Maybe I Maybe You (Live 2005)
Scorpions - Maybe I Maybe You (Live 2005)

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23.07.2008, 23:18
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Категория: Концертные | Добавил: scorpions
Просмотров: 7885 | Загрузок: 1002 | Комментарии: 3 | Рейтинг: 5.0/3 |
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This movie is great! I went to see it in theatres and I will definitely be buying it. Laptop graphics are amazingly real looking and the locations for that scenes are breathtaking. Not forgetting the story is one that many can refer to on some level. And, with regards to acting, Steven Strait did an extraordinary job portraying a real diverse character with the amount of different facets to him. This movie is surely a must see!!! Component of me wishes to give Redux four stars, only when because the original Apocalypse Now wasn't broken. Faraway from it, actually. Apocalypse Now stands among the best movies available, regardless of what genre you label it along with so many reasons in addition to for "entertainment" alone. Redux will definitely add some depth on the story when you have already experienced an original version, but normally takes away a bit of the tension for people who haven't. Several of the added/extended scenes are perfect, especially those concerning the Playboy bunnies. When one of the bunnies asks Clean, "Who will you be?" anf the husband responds by saying, "I'm next, ma'am", it's absolutely hilarious despite the grim setting. Unfortunately, the scenes remove a great deal of the tension in Willard's methodical journey up the river, as stated earlier, but only if because they, well... take time. In short, the original Apocalypse Now was perfect (for me) and Redux just adds some depth going without running shoes, although it's not necessary. Still gotta give it 5 stars though. It's Apocalypse Now, in fact. genius. finally karo's comedy central special causes it to become to my ipod. i could not stop laughing. no-one tells a better story than karo. if you've been looking for (or avoiding) love karo's comedy is for you. Ok, whatever person is in the mood for just a good funny laugh, understand this movie, it truly is hilarious! I reccomend it to everyone my patients! Tina Fey is such a fantastic actress, her comedic style really meshes with amy's "Dumb Blondness" character. It's got good animation, good characters, plus a good story. Wish it wasn't $14.99, but hey, I'll pay that to experience a good, Godly show for my nieces and nephews. Furthermore, i enjoy the Angel War shows(and I'm almost eighteen!!)

Thank's So Much Put I can't Found the links!!!!!!!!!

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